THE SPIRIT of viticultural work

In every step, from production to sales, the estate is conscious of the richness of ITS TERROIRS (Flint, Marl, Limestone, Sand): and like a veritable vineyard gardener, it feels and enhances the nature of each plot of vine through a CHOICE OF METHODS justified in terms of the care of soil, treatments, and vine management...

THE SPIRIT of oenological work

The estate assures the finest and most gracious expression of each plot by harvesting and vinifying BY TERROIR: analysing and blending the purest aromas, handling with care and GENTLENESS its wines and, by basing its work on the constant search for BALANCE and COMPLEXITY, it truly and subtly gives shape to authentic signature wines.

THE SPIRIT of "the baton" - preserve, develop, and hand on

Like a craftsman, the estate is conscious of refining the quality of work, and appreciates when to apply the right action in the right direction, all the while respecting continuity. It is attentive to the means of executing its know-how : maintaining and upgrading buildings and/or vineyard plots to preserve a work environment favourable for the production of pure and meticulously made wines. Of particular concern is the environment’s esthetic quality, and integrating cellar and vineyard harmoniously into the natural and uniquely magical Loire Valley landscape, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

THE SPIRIT of a shared art

To welcome, listen, satisfy, and privilege clients is the estate’s credo… so tasting its wines will inspire in each person the same pleasure and emotion that is found in our passion for this work and this land. Thus, each buyer, each client feels "invited" to share wines subtly chiselled by the spirit behind their creation.