The Pouilly vineyard is celebrated all over the world as one of the most beautiful viticultural terroirs for the expression of Sauvignon Blanc locally called "Blanc-Fumé". But did you also know Pouilly-sur-Loire, and its Chasselas grape… an exception and a rarity in the Loire Valley vineyard? Our Cuvées CREATIVES arouse a desire and thirst for a journey along the Loire, to transport you into a world of SENSES, in the heart of the winemaker’s art.

They provide a simple and uncommon drinking moment, to be experienced daily. In the mouth, our wines transport you into another WORLD and convey a STORY.

Our Pouilly-sur-Loire, takes its name from cicadas, called "binerelles" locally, whose song accompanies the "binage" - the winemaker’s long and patient work of tilling the soil under the strong rays of the summer sunshine…

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This wine is inextricably linked to the vinous history of Pouilly-sur-Loire.

In fact this term refers to the flat-bottomed boat used in days gone by to transport wine via the Loire, the Briare Canal and the Seine to Paris.

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